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We are established and have a long range of experience in manufacturing of Surgical Instruments,
Beauty Care Implements, & Hand Tools.We are located in Sialkot ( PAKISTAN ), Sialkot is well known
for its cottage industry of all types of Surgical Instruments , Beauty Care Implements & Hand Tools Pliers.
The Sialkot labor has deep-routed industry being there family inherited business.Their craftsmanship and skills
in manufacturing is unique and appreciated in all over the world. We are known as supplier of Surgical Instruments,
Beauty Care Implements & Hand Tools Pliers, Cutters , Tweezers  & Accessories as well as broad range of other items
used in this industry.
We invite you to visit our website database to locate the nearest one to you if you have any special needs for
Instruments, please feel free to email us on our contact page or send us your prints. We are committed to providing the products of high quality and required designs.
SOLARIANS offers the finest quality hand crafted Instruments & hand tools. All Instruments & hand Tools are
machined accurate dimensions under strict quality controls system applied at every stage of manufacturing operation.
Instruments are then hand finished to micron accuracy by skilled craftsman under high magnification. We guarantee
that Solarians Instruments & hand tools will give long life performance and maximum satisfaction. Solarians products
are guaranteed against defective material craftsmanship.
Instruments are intented to be used  only for the purpose for which they are designed.
Also check free movements of holding screw joints and box joints.
If joint are ceased, and their free movements are not possible, please lubricate with high speed oil or silicon oil spray.
Cutters should be used to cut the wires of specified gauge and hardness.

Instruments should be placed in their pouches after use to avoid scratches on polish make sure not to rub against
each others, store in a dry atmosphere.
In the event of defective material & workmanship, instruments will be repaired or replaced free of cost, provided
instruments are returned for examination and complaint found genuine.

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